Shabbat Tent

real teffilin coachellaA Place for Shabbat

Many festival goers expressed that their experience with Shabbat – whether or not they knew what it was before they showed up – was exactly what they needed during three days of music and camping. Jews are approximately 10% of the total number of participants attending these festivals every summer. Shabbat Tent provides Jews the chance to celebrate Shabbat in a meaningful way amid the noise and influences of the camping festival atmosphere.

A Counterbalance for Missionary Groups

Other organizations that appeal to the spiritual interests and well being of the Jews have established themselves off and on over the years, including The Twelve Tribes (a modern spiritual group that preaches a Jews-for-Jesus type message and provides alternative medical/well-being treatment for campers). Needless to say, many Jews come in contact with these groups and are influenced by them. We believe strongly that it is important to provide Jewish attendees with the opportunity and ability to connect with a purely Jewish outlet at these festivals.

Long Term Goals

The Team’s long-term goal is to establish the Shabbat Tent as a Jewish fixture at all major music festivals in the United States and to act as an entrance way for involving young Jews in Jewish spiritual, cultural and communal life and activities.

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