Pico Shul Celebrates Jewish Life This Summer – Mazal Tov!

This summer we have seen amazing celebrations at the Pico Shul, a sign that the shul is helping in a serious way to contribute to Jewish continuity.

In the last two weeks we have seen 2 Aufrufs, 3 weddings, 2 baby girls born.

The Aufruf last Shabbat filled the room to over-capacity with 120 gets seated for a huge kiddush lunch.

We have also celebrated multiple birthdays during kiddush lunch – a new tradition that is a great way to have a birthday party with friends and a great shabbat lunch all together! 

Mazal Tov to:

  • Lemor and Shuki (Shul Gabbai) Greer on their wedding
  • Leonie and Benjamin Nahamia on their wedding
  • Atara and Levi Kotlarsky on their wedding
  • Ashley Rouel and Shmuel Gardner on their upcoming wedding
  • Evey and Fred Rosenbloom on the birth of daughter Jade.
  • Yafit and Eran Meshulam on the birth of baby daughter Leaelle.



Jade (Sura Leah) Rosenbloom

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