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RSVP Now for the High Holidays

Please join our joyous, welcoming, user-friendly, and mindful celebration of the High Holidays at our Los Angeles Campus – Pico Shul! Hand-crafted for the young at heart. Special promo code for young professionals. Come-as-you-are services!

Amazing services, Rosh Hashanah Kabbalistic Kiddush, inspiring Chazanim, Rabbi Yonah’s resounding Shofar Service & Sermon, Breakout classes with dynamic teachers. Moving stories and heartfelt songs create an uplifting and interactive atmosphere.

On Rosh Hashanah, you will experience and taste the meaning of the Jewish New Year with our Kabbalistic Kiddush, and we will conclude the Days of Awesome with Yom Kippur Services from Kol Nidre to Neila and a communal Break-the-Fast.

Enjoy morning coffee, tea & honey cake available to start your New Year Experience.

Sponsors – Thank you to the Alevy Family for generously supporting this year’s High Holiday!

RSVP Overview
Many Sponsorship Opportunities!

Rosh Hashanah GA $89 ($49 under 36)
Reserved Seating $136

Yom Kippur $89 ($49 for those under 36)
Reserved Seating $136

Pico Shul monthy donor save 20% (code emailed to you)
Code for those 36 and under is: YJP


Beth El is Building Community and Strengthening Jewish Connections

Thanks to the support of the Alevy Family, Beth El is proud to support the latest edition of Camp Neshama,  program for Jewish singles in their 20s and 30s created by JConnect and Pico Shul. The program which takes place in Running Springs, CA, from May 25-28, 2018 at the Dovid Oved Retreat Center, provides over 100 young adults with a summer-camp themed retreat each year.

Since these retreats began, over 1,000 Jewish singles and young families have participated strengthening their connection to Jewish heritage and the Jewish community.

The grant also enabled the creation of a brand new website at making it easier for Jewish singles from around the region to learn more about the exciting program and various activities.

Camp Neshama is a new retreat where you can relax, enjoy camp-style activities, nature, and an inspiring Shabbat experience with other Jewish young professionals. (from the website)

Learn more about Camp Neshama by visiting the website.

Building Jewish Community Family by Family

The Pico Shul recently celebrated the marriage, in Florida, of the 25th couple to marry thanks to the Pico Shul. This couple met at one of the Pico Shul programs two years ago. She was from Florida and had come to LA to visit. They dated long distance for a year before getting engaged. They will settle in South Florida.

Building Jewish families is one of the keys to sustaining and growing the Jewish community. The Pico Shul’s unique role as both a spiritual and cultural center for Jews in their 20s and 30s, makes it especially conducive to matchmaking.

Guided by the Booksteins, these couples develop life-long commitments to Judaism and the Jewish People.

Pico Shul Opens New Venue

Pico Shul, which attracts hundreds of young adults and families each month, has now opened a dedicated center for Jewish life and learning. The Center, located at 9116 W. Pico Blvd, will host classes, services, and office space in collaboration with Community Shul.

The first exciting Shabbat was standing-room only and we expect great participation at this great new venue.

Classes start on Tuesday, June 7th and will be held 3-4 a week during our first month.

We are grateful to the many families that have stepped up to make this all possible and to the Community Shul for their help!

Providing Education and Energy for the Holidays in Long Beach and Beyond

Torah on Tap for Beach Hillel at CSULB about the Holidays

Torah on Tap for Beach Hillel at CSULB about the Holidays

Through SoCal Jewish Student Services and SoCal Jewish Young Adult Enrichment’s Rabbi Drew Kaplan, students and young adults in the greater Long Beach area were recently enriched through the holidays season. Beginning with a pre-Rosh HaShanah “Torah on Tap” discussion for Beach Hillel, Rabbi Drew led a discussion on the holidays of the Jewish calendar for students at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB).

In addition to leading Rosh HaShanah dinner for Beach Hillel, Rabbi Drew taught a class about shofar-blasting, then blasted shofar on the first day of Rosh HaShanah

In addition to leading Rosh HaShanah dinner for Beach Hillel, Rabbi Drew taught a class about shofar-blasting, then blasted shofar on the first day of Rosh HaShanah

For Rosh HaShanah, prior to Beach Hillel’s Rosh HaShanah dinner on the second night, while it was still day, Rabbi Drew led students in text study on shofar-blasting, which was appropriately followed by a blasting of the shofar, which was especially useful for those who had not heard it that day. Following the shofar-blasting, there was a dinner for the second night of Rosh HaShanah, at which Rabbi Drew MC’ed.  Read More

Pico Shul Celebrates Jewish Life This Summer – Mazal Tov!

This summer we have seen amazing celebrations at the Pico Shul, a sign that the shul is helping in a serious way to contribute to Jewish continuity.

In the last two weeks we have seen 2 Aufrufs, 3 weddings, 2 baby girls born.

The Aufruf last Shabbat filled the room to over-capacity with 120 gets seated for a huge kiddush lunch.

We have also celebrated multiple birthdays during kiddush lunch – a new tradition that is a great way to have a birthday party with friends and a great shabbat lunch all together!  Read More

Rabbi Drew Kaplan Led Monthly Discussions for Students at CSULB

Rabbi Drew Kaplan speaking with Long Beach Hillel students at a "Torah on Tap" discussion this past academic year

Rabbi Drew Kaplan speaking with Long Beach Hillel students at a “Torah on Tap” discussion this past academic year

Over the course of this past academic year, Southern California Jewish Student Service’s rabbi, Rabbi Drew Kaplan, led monthly discussions with students at California State University, Long Beach. Collaborating with Long Beach Hillel, Rabbi Drew led three monthly discussions in the fall semester and a further three monthly discussions in the spring semester.  The fall semester featured discussions on judging, demons, and conduct of war, while the spring semester featured discussions on sex, kosher food, and Leviticus 19.

Music and Prayer in the Park

Circle of Neshamas is Pico Shul’s monthly musical Kiddush Levana in the park. This transformative evening of drumming, music & connection in Cheviot Hills Park for Kiddush Levanah, sanctifying the moon, started in the winter and has proved a great success.

Participants bring instruments embark on a journey by singing niggunim (wordless melodies) and other Jewish songs beneath the canopy of the night sky… all are welcome!

We conclude with worlds of Torah, kiddush levana ceremony, and a collective evening services lead by Rabbi Yonah.

Shabbat With Pico Shul

Shabbat is a time to connect spiritually and with community. At Pico Shul we strive to make Shabbat services as meaningful, enjoyable, and welcoming as possible. For many who are turned off from synagogues, or have not found a spiritual home, Pico Shul provides an alternative space for personal spiritual exploration.

Begin your Shabbat morning with coffee, tea and cake. Enjoy our user-friendly morning services at 9:45. We break at 10:20 for L’chaim and Leanring and then read from the Torah and have Musaf services. Every week you can find powerful life lessons and inspiration from Rabbi Yonah’s sermon. After services taste the delicious kiddush, make a l’chaim and mingle.

Pico Shul serves the best cholent in town – both carnivorous and vegetarian options.
We have a running commentary in English so you always know where you are in the siddur. We pause at transitions in the service for inspirational “kavanot” and have a Torah commentary offered before Torah reading.

No previous Shabbat Morning experience is necessary, all prayer books are in Hebrew and English, and our non-judgmental atmosphere means that you can come as you are!

Pico Shul Shabbat programming is as enjoyable for the experienced and inexperienced alike!

* No prior Shabbat Morning experience necessary
* Traditionally inspired services with separate seating
* All levels and backgrounds welcome
* Hebrew reading skills not required
* Delicious Kiddush following services

Passover is Here


Rabbi Yonah will be leading an interactive, inspiring, and transformative Seder for young professionals on Tuesday Night , April 15th at 7pm at the Pico Shul, 9041 W. Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90035.

We begin with appetizers and the seder begins at 8pm.

We hope that you will join us for four cups of wine and bring your friends that might not otherwise be at a Seder! No one should get left in Egypt!

Early RSVP for $40 until April 6th at
RSVP $50
Space is very limited.
Ages 21-35

Sponsors are needed!
There will be no children program.